6 BC Hydro tips for staying frosty

With record-breaking high temperatures around the province this week, BC Hydro is reminding customers how to stay cool and save power during this summer’s first heat wave:

  1. Keep cool air in, and hot air out: lock out hot air during the day and open windows to let cooler air in during the evenings;
  2. Keep the blinds down: shade your windows and block up to 65 per cent of the heat;
  3.  Use a ceiling fan: ceiling fans are the most efficient option for cooling. A ceiling fan can use one-tenth the energy of an air conditioner and is a great alternative. To lower indoor temperatures by up to ten per cent, ensure the fan is rotating counter-clockwise;
  4. Make laundry a breeze: hang dry half of your laundry to save up to $50 while keeping unnecessary heat out of your house;
  5.  Fire up the barbeque: cook outside to reduce the use of your stove or oven; and
  6. Keep your cool: take shorter, cooler showers. Reduce your shower time by one minute and save $15 per person. That’s $60 for a family of four.

BC Hydro encourages customers to create an online account, called MyHydro, to track their electricity consumption and manage their accounts. For more information, visit bchydro.com/myhydro.