Road-safety campaign nets more than 150 warnings, tickets, orders and drug seizures

An intensive three-day road safety campaign yielded more than 150 warnings, tickets and orders as well as 11 drug seizures and an illegal handgun, Revelstoke RCMP reported on Monday, June 30.

A statement from Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said the Trans-Canada East Traffic Services Unit’s June 24-27 campaign involved proactive traffic stops ensuring appropriate licensing, insurance requirements, Motor Vehicle Act and Motor Vehicle Act Regulations compliance.

“The presence of these officers, assisted by traffic units from all over BC, was highly successful in addressing many impaired drivers and removing unsafe drivers and vehicles from the road,” Grabinsky said. “The statistics in what was located and how the roads were kept safer is quite impressive.

“There were 25 notice and orders requiring repairs or inspections of motor vehicles as well as 22 written warnings. Three 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions were issued for impaired driving. Seventy (70) speeding violation tickets were issued as well as three excessive speed tickets. Ten seatbelt tickets were issued to adults, and one issued to a driver for failing to ensure a child was properly seat belted. Three tickets were issued for failing to possess a valid driver’s licence. Twenty-four violation tickets for other moving offences and 22 for non-moving offences.”

In addition there were 11 investigative cases where drugs were seized totalling over 15 lbs of marijuana. Other items seized included a handgun, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), cocaine and other drug paraphernalia, Grabinsky said.

Criminal Code charges included Failing to Stop for Police, Driving while Prohibited, Breach of Conditions, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Illegal Possession of a Firearm and Excessive Speeding.

As well, six vehicles were impounded due to impaired driving and excessive speeds.

“The RCMP wish to thank the motoring public for their patience when stopped by police, and for slowing down when approaching or passing emergency vehicles,” Grabinsky said. “The public is encouraged to continue to report suspected impaired or distracted drivers and to drive safely and considerately at all times.”