Call for artistic entries

The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre is issuing two Calls for Entry.

This is very short notice but I am organizing an art exhibition at the Centre called Voices of Our Ancestors which will open on July 11,” National Aboriginal Day organizer Laura Stovel said in an e-mail.  “The Aboriginal Storytelling festival organizers would like to invite artists to engage with the subject of Aboriginal people and the land around Revelstoke. For centuries, and probably for thousands of years, Aboriginal people lived, gathered, fished and hunted on the land that we now know as Revelstoke. At a time when giant trees grew right down to the river and salmon swam all the way from the Pacific, Aboriginal people live in an intimate relationship with this land.”

Next weekend’s National Aboriginal Day storytelling festival at the Revelstoke Museum and Archives and Centennial Park (near the worker’s memorial) on June 21 will bring together Aboriginal storytellers and locals to tell stories and legends related to this land. Inspired by these stories and by just reflecting on the long human relationship with the land around Revelstoke we invite artists to engage with this subject.

“Unfortunately the deadline is very tight: intake is July 4 and the exhibit in the Sophie Atkinson Gallery begins on July 11,” she said.

The Centre is also seeking work for the Backyards and Alleys exhibition that will be displayed at the same time. Entry forms will be made available next week.

For more information please send an e-mail to and to Laura Stovel at if you are interested in contributing to the Voices of Our Ancestors exhibit.