City is waiving all building permit renewal fees until May 1, 2015

Beginning May 1, 2014 until May 1, 2015 the City will be waiving building permit renewal fees in an effort to encourage applicants and property owners to pursue completion of outstanding building permits.

Facts about building permits:

  • Building permits are valid for two years;
  • In order to close a building permit all works, required documents and inspections are to be completed;
  • If after two years the permit remains incomplete, a building permit renewal is required;
  • Renewal permits would normally cost $75 plus $8 per $1,000 value of work remaining; and
  • Renewed permits are valid for one year.

This is a limited offer to close outstanding building permits. To renew your building permit and complete an application contact Development Services at City Hall.

Please note that the fee waiver applies to the renewal fee only and does not include waiving any permit completion requirements.

For more information please contact Development Services at City Hall, 216 Mackenzie Avenue, or call 250‐837‐3637. You can also send an e-mail to or visit the municipal website at