Youth drug use report has some surprising answers

Contemporary teenagers in Revelstoke are generally aware people harm themselves physically or otherwise if they use alcohol or other substances such as caffeinated energy drinks, marijuana and alcohol, says the latest youth drug abuse survey.

Ironically, while the report said that perception had increased, fewer students thought their parents would be concerned if they knew they had tried booze, tobacco or marijuana.


“The survey asked students if their parents would be concerned if they used tobacco, drank some alcohol, got drunk, used marijuana or used other drugs,” said the report from the office of Social Development Coordinator Jill Zacharias.

“In 2009, 387 students answered the questions and in 2013 331 students responded… It is significant that in both 2009 and 2013 more students thought their parents would not be concerned if they used marijuana than tobacco. In 2009 this represented 9% of respondents whereas in 2013 this represented 20% of respondents.”

This is the second comprehensive survey of local youths and their mind-altering habits.

Besides the expected survey questions it includes a handy list of resources for parents and kids.

Please click here to read the complete report, which was released late last month.