Mounties investigate incident that left one man injured

Police are investigating an incident that occurred on Friday, April 25, at approximately 11:15 am on 9th Street across from Queen Elizabeth Park.

A statement from the local detachment said two men — one 56 and the other 33 — “interacted on the roadway” in the School Zone.

BC Ambulance paramedics transported an injured male, the 56-year-old, to Queen Victoria Hospital. Later that afternoon he was transported by BC Air Ambulance to Kamloops.

The exact circumstances that led to the man being injured is the subject of the police investigation. A rumour is spreading in Revelstoke that the hospitalized man has died. That has not been confirmed by the RCMP wh continue to press for witnesses to come forward and tell them what they saw.

“Police are seeking any witnesses to the event, which occurred at approximately 11:15 am on Friday April 25,” Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in the statement..

No names are being released at this time.