Education minister disappointed but not surprised by teachers’ union job action

BC Education Minister Peter Fassbender says the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) strike notice is “disappointing but not at all surprising.”

“Over the past few weeks, it appears the BCTF has been more focused on implementing its strike plan than bargaining at the table,” Fassbinder said in a statement.

The teachers’ union announced last week that it would implement a low-level job action in reaction to a stalemate in its contract negotiations. (Please click here to read about the job action.)

“There has been virtually no movement from the BCTF on their wage and contract positions. The union hasn’t moved off its opening position of approximately 13.5% increase over three years, nor has it withdrawn any of its many other monetary proposals.”

Fassbinder said he doesn’t wan to see a “repeat of the six-and-a-half month strike a few years ago” and he hopes a solution will be found at the bargaining table rather than a strike that drifts on indefinitely.