Bikes should be on the road — not the sidewalks

Dear Editor:

To begin with, I wish to be clear, that when it comes to small children and those with mobility issues, there are exceptions to what I am about to say, because safety first is important.

As spring is upon us and I am at least thinking of my bicycle, may I point out that there is a reason it is called a sidewalk,  that would be side-WALK.. Just to be sure I checked at the bike shops.  I found mountain bikes, downhill racing bikes, snow bikes, BMX bikes,  retro style commuter bikes, even road bikes. No where could I find a sidewalk bike.

As I child I remember the police coming to our school to check out our bikes to be sure they had reflectors and a bell and all the other safety equipment because… we were told, a bike and it’s rider need to be safe and follow the rules of the road. That would be ROAD.

So stay safe out there this year on your bike.

Ken Jones
Revelstoke, BC