Beware the WesJet scam!

The Revelstoke RCMP has received several reports of local citizens receiving telephone calls from a person identifying themselves as representing WestJet. In each situation the caller advises that WestJet is offering them a free trip.

Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon that the phone call display shows the local 837 prefix.

“The Revelstoke RCMP has, in consultation with WestJet, determined that WestJet does not conduct any phone promotion or solicitation,” he said. “If you receive this call, it is suggested you not provide any personal information and conclude the phone call immediately. As the saying goes, ‘If it is too good to be true, then it probably is/’”

The following information about scams is available at the WestJet Travel Info site:

Automated phone recordings are used to target a large range of phone numbers including private unlisted numbers and office extensions. These calls will often state that you are a valued guest and are eligible for a prize, attempting to claim the prize will put you in contact with a live operator. This operator may attempt to gain access to your personal information such as credit card numbers or account details and may become quite persistent. WestJet DOES NOT participate in any form of phone promotion or solicitation.

Telephone scammers are impersonating WestJet in an attempt to steal your personal information. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests’ personal information. If you receive a call indicating that you’ve won “WestJet points/miles” or are a “preferred customer” please hang up.

WestJet suggests visiting for more info on this and other types of scams.