New group seeks to activate people’s yearnings for political change

The 2015 election is just around the corner and an organization called Leadnow is working in ridings across the country to build a network of small teams in communities around the country who will make a difference in 2015 and lay a strong foundation to push for real changes after the election.

The first so-called Connect event in Revelstoke will be tonight, Thursday, March 6, at Benoit’s Wine Bar, at 7pm.

Organizer Meghan Anderson would love to see a big turnout of people interested in organizing a plan for the 2015 federal election for our community.

You can find out more by clicking here, and here,

In an e-mail sent around Thursday morning, Meghan said:

“For tonight’s Connect event there are a couple of videos Leadnow would like me to show but I don’t have very good speakers and there will be too many of us to watch these videos on my laptop so if you would like to watch them you might want to look at them before coming.”

Here they are:

1. The Connect Video

What it is: A short video that introduces Leadnow, shares some of the organization’s history and explains broadly why we’re excited to work with you to create change. Use the video to spread the word about the event, by sending it to family and friends. You can also use it to introduce Leadnow at the beginning of your Connect event.

How to access it: You can watch it on YouTube at

2. What is happening to our democracy?

What it is: A prerecorded PowerPoint presentation that frames the democratic crisis that sparked a lot of Leadnow’s work. Use it to describe the democratic crisis. How to access it: This video is available on YouTube at

3. The 2015 Election Plan

What it is: A prerecorded PowerPoint presentation that describes our election plan.  How to access it: This video is available on YouTube at