Clovechok aims a shot across Norm Macdonald’s bow

Dear Editor,

Your recent posting entitled MLA has a swift response brings to mind the words of Wyatt Earp when he said, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” and Mr. Macdonald’s response to my letter regarding the Electoral Boundaries Commission Amendment Act may have been fast but it is most certainly not accurate.

To set the record straight and accurate, my letter was sent as a Columbia River Revelstoke constituent who lives in Fairmont Hot Springs; as it was signed. It is a letter reflecting my belief that an elected representative should stand for the people they are elected to represent and not for what he may or may not believe is constitutionally possible. Nowhere in my letter was there any reference to my volunteer role with the BC Liberal Party; a role that I am certainly not paid for. That is what volunteer means; no pay!

As such my letter was generated from my home desk and not from some BC Liberal grassy knoll as Mr. Macdonald’s conspiracy theory would have you believe.

In addition Mr. Macdonald’s accusation that Bills passed by the BC Liberals have been successfully challenged in court is not accurate. Two Bills that were recently challenged for perceived constitutional grounds have either been stayed or upheld in favor of the BC Liberals by the appeal courts. That does not sound like success to me.

So at the risk of understatement, Mr. Macdonald was quick on the trigger but completely missed the most important target of all; supporting rural constituents. Makes me wonder what else is he getting wrong?

Report card says: Mr. Macdonald keeps getting the facts wrong and needs to work on his accuracy.

Doug Clovechok
Fairmont Hot Springs