Car Club and Farmers Market to share Grizzly Plaza

The Revelstoke Chapter Of the Vintage Car Club of Canada and The Revelstoke Farmer’s Market Group have come to an amicable agreement over the use of Grizzly Plaza during the club’s downtown May Tour car show on Saturday, May 17.

According to an agreement reached between the two organizations during a recent meeting with Parks, Recreation and Culture Director Laurie Donato, the Farmer’s Market will occupy Grizzly Plaza until 2:30 pm that day, which is also the day that the car show is scheduled to be held.

Donato said the Farmer’s Market executive will ensure that all vendors are aware of this. Market vendors will exit Grizzly Plaza via First Street to Orton Avenue.

The two organizations had competing uses for Grizzly Plaza on the Saturday of the Victoria Day long weekend.

“This is a one-time show and we appreciate the coo-operation of the City Council, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Farmers Market Group to make this a great event,” the Vintage Car Club said in the statement.

“Our reason for coming uptown from the airport was to make the shows a more community and family event and to display downtown Revelstoke to all of our visitors and tourists alike. We hope this will be a win-win situation for all involved.”