Budget benefits our riding: MP

Member of Parliament David Wilks Conservative Party - Kootenay Columbia
Member of Parliament David Wilks
Conservative Party – Kootenay Columbia

Canada’s recovery from the recent global recession has been among the strongest in the world with over 1 million more Canadians now working than at the worst of the recession – the best job creation record among all G-7 countries, including Germany.  But we all know there is still more to do. Too many Canadians are still looking for work and the global economic recovery remains fragile at best, especially in Europe and the United States.  That’s why our government is staying squarely focused on the economy. We’re moving forward with a positive plan that will help create jobs and grow our economy, all while keeping taxes low and remaining on track for balanced budgets in 2015.

Since 2006, the Conservative government has been keeping Canada on the right path for economic growth. This includes lowering taxes over 160 times, which will save the average Canadian family nearly $3,400 on their tax bill in 2014. We’ve also cut taxes for job-creating businesses, allowing them to hire more workers, and have opened up new markets for Canadian goods and services, most recently through the historic Canada-European Union Trade Agreement.

Yesterday’s budget from Ottawa was unbelievably good news for Kootenay-Columbia.

The federal government allocated $391 million for road, bridge and other repairs with in Parks Canada and a significant amount of that will go specifically to improvements to Glacier Nat’l Park. I will work with Parks Canada, and local government to ensure that we can get the best improvements possible on this stretch of important highway.

The Search and Rescue volunteer tax credit will provide up to a $3,000 credit for those who perform 200 hours of volunteer duty. This can be combined with hours accumulated with volunteer firefighter hours as well. These hard working men and women deserve this credit for all they do for their respective communities.

Unjustified cross border price discrimination is particularly important for communities like Creston, Fernie and Cranbrook.  This legislation is significant as we must ensure that prices for goods are fair on both sides of the border.

Interest-free loans for those people who enter a Red Seal Trades apprentice program. On top of the credits already available this is a great opportunity for those who want to enter the trades.

The government allocated $305 million to enhance high speed broadband networks to a target speed of 5 megabits per second in rural and northern communities. I will work to have this established in the areas in Kootenay Columbia that are lacking in this area, such as Meadow Creek, Trout Lake and other areas.

David Wilks is the Conservative Party MP for Kootenay Columbia riding. You can reach him in Ottawa at David.Wilks@parl.gc.ca, tel: 613-995-7246. His website is at www.david-wilks.ca/home. You can reach his constituency office in Cranbrook at 100 Cranbrook Street North (Main Office) Suite B Cranbrook, British Columbia V1C 3P9. His constituency office telephone: 250-417-2250 and the fax is at 250-417-2253