BC Liberal says MLA is “playing political games”

Dear Editor,

Aldous Huxley wrote “that facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored ” and Norm Macdonald needs to understand that we are on to his regular factual omissions. Macdonald would like you to take on face value, that he understands what a balanced budget might look like or how to achieve one knowing that the NDP had absolutely no economic plan during the last election. He tells us that the BC Liberal Throne Speech fails to address the real issues that are faced by British Columbians and that your government is short-sighted. What he fails to tell you is the facts found in the speech; what he fails to tell you is the truth. So here is a Throne Speech synopsis and let’s see what facts the MLA for Columbia River Revelstoke chose to ignore.

Today’s Throne Speech spoke directly about  fiscal responsibility which is one of the key foundations upon which new markets and investment will be brought into BC; which in turn creates jobs for British Columbians. Under this principled fiscal approach BC is the first ever government to issues bonds in the China RMB market. This is really significant as it represents for us an international vote of confidence in our economic abilities and this confidence in turn will result in more trade for BC and more jobs for British Columbians.

The Throne Speech spoke of the CORE Review that is intended to find the greatest efficiencies in relation to the use of tax payers’ dollars; it was an election promise that was made and it is a promise that was kept.

The Throne Speech spoke about the importance of leveraging two of our greatest strengths; our people and our natural resources.  Rooted within our richly diverse cultural mosaic, our forest products, our mines, our technology or our LNG and as reported by the Conference Board of Canada, our province is positioned to become Canada’s leader in economic growth in 2015.

The Throne Speech spoke of the governments 10 year Skills Training Action Plan that will help prepare British Columbians, young and old,  with the skills that they will need to successfully challenge the thousands of jobs that are being created in trades and technology.

The Throne Speech spoke of our government’s commitment to modernize antiquated rules and by doing so will improve the quality of life for British Columbians. From the reformations of long outdated liquor laws, by standing by the five conditions set for new pipelines development or by creating new legislation that will protect our ground water, we are taking care of what matters the most and that is the place where we live and the people who live here.

So Mr. Macdonald welcome to, as you called it “the real world.” Today’s Throne Speech was clearly focused upon a direction that will lead us toward the prosperous and healthy future British Columbians deserve and from this a question begs. Is it not you who is playing political games at the expense of the constituents of Columbia River Revelstoke?

Doug Clovechok
Fairmont Hot Springs, BC