Avalanche victim swept over 1,000-foot cliff and survives

Talk about luck! A snowmobiler who was apparently swept away by an avalanche at the Monster Bowl on Boulder Mountain on Monday afternoon at about 1 pm, was discovered at the bottom of a 1,000-foot cliff, uninjured.

A statement from the local RCMP detachment said local SAR personnel were deployed rapidly and helicopters attempted to locate the 44-year-old Albertan. SPOT messages were also received that helped rescuers pinpoint his exact location.

The man was transported by helicopter for medical examination.

Police wish to remind backcountry users of the importance of backcountry safety practices. The use of available technologies such as handheld GPS, cell phones or SPOT devices to identify an avalanche victim’s location can be critical. The sooner a person is location can be determined, the sooner help can be on scene.