Local news briefs

Musician Dave Gunning was originally scheduled to perform here in Revelstoke on January 19 bt unfortunately won;t be able to do so.

Arts Council Executive Director Garry Pendergast said Thursday, January 17, that Gunning “has won a competition with CBC to perform one of his songs live on TV Saturday and is having to rehearse with CBC for the next few days.”

“Full refunds will be given for any tickets purchased,” he said.

For more information please contact Garry at  info@revelstokeartscouncil.com.


With a municipal elections coming up in November the province is circulating a paper that discusses the desirability of limiting the amount of money candidates can spend in their quest for elected office.

“The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development is inviting comments on expense limits in local elections from local governments, boards of education and the public,” said an e-mail circulated through City Hall by former Corporate Affairs Director Lyle Huntley. “All local governments and boards of education will be receiving a letter from the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development inviting their feedback. The letter includes a discussion paper on expense limits. Local governments are welcome to provide a response that reflects a discussion of their councils and boards. Alternatively, or in addition to a response from councils and boards, individuals are also invited to provide their comments.”

The discussion paper on expense limits is available at www.cscd.gov.bc.ca/LocaiGovtEiectionReform/expenselimits.htm. Written comments on the paper, and on expense limits generally, are invited until January 31, 2014. Comments or questions can be emailed to localgovelectionreform@gov.bc.ca.

Feedback on the discussion paper and stakeholder engagement will be assessed with a view to introducing expense limits legislation that, if approved, will come into effect for local elections after 2014.

Expense limits build on the foundation of the proposed Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, which government intends to introduce for the Legislature’s consideration in Spring 2014. The legislation proposes a number of changes that, if passed, will take effect in time for the November 2014 elections.

For more detail on the proposed legislation for 2014, see the White Paper on Local Government Elections Reform at http://www.cscd.gov.bc.ca/LocaiGovtEiectionReform/whitepaper.htm.


Six building permits for $200,000 in construction rounded off 2013 and brought to $12.093 million the total value of permits isued by the City in that year.

That’s up from 2012 when the City issued $11.454 million worth of construction permits.


The City issued three building permits in December bringing the total number of business licences in Revelstoke to 898, down from 913 at the end of November.

The three new permits went to Vittoria’s Family Barbershoppe, Ankhou Graphic Design and the Revelstoke Winter Farmers’ Market.


The Columbia Valley Skateboard Association has re-affirmed its commitment to building a skateboard facility at Kovach Park that the entire community will be proud of.

“We recognize it wasn’t an easy decision for council,” CVSA Secretary Aaron Orlando said in a letter presented to Council during its Tuesday, January 14, meeting. “There are many possible location options, and diverse views on the best way forward. We listened to each councillor when they spoke and take to heart their views on the youth park/skate park. We took special note of Mayor David Raven’s comments encouraging us to work closely and co- operatively with all stakeholders as we develop the project. We appreciate all the views expressed. We are looking forward to developing a facility that the entire community will be proud of. In order to do that, we’re seeking broad involvement from the community.

“We’ll be working with Parks, Recreation and Culture Director Laurie Donato to develop a communications plan on the project to ensure all stakeholders are informed and provided the opportunity to engage in the development of the youth park/skatepark plan. An important component of that communication plan will be appropriately dividing responsibilities between the city and the CVSA. If all goes according to plan, we hope to re-engage with the public in the next few months after a period of information-gathering and background work.”