Local interest in cohousing appears steady

By Toni Johnston

Two recent meeting about cohousing that were organized by Toni Johnston stirred up some local interest.

Twenty people showed up at the two meetings where cohousing expert Marc Paradis showed slides and talked about the various ways that people are living in cohousing around the world. Maria Lynn talked about her personal experience living in and raising a family in the Prairie Sky cohousing development in Calgary.

The next step is to continue to discuss the type of cohousing that best suit the needs of the group and will work with the group size.

One idea is to design a facility composed of separate small houses around a central plaza and common house.  One of the attendees is now developing plans for a small prefab house that could be locally sourced and manufactured. For the next few months, people will be talking together and envisioning what they see as a workable shared living situation here in Revelstoke.

If you missed the meetings and want to know more, you can search the net  using the search terms “www.cohousing,” “cohousing in BC” and “Covivenza.”  Covienza is Marc Paradis’ organization.  He will be returning to Revelstoke in April when further meetings will be held.  If you want to be on the mailing list, contact Toni Johnston at tonijohnston@rctvonline.net.

Toni Johnston is a retired teacher and an active local resident