Check your 6/49 tickets: There’s another big winner in town! UPDATE

Check your 6/49 tickets. Someone here in Revelstoke has won  $139,106.60 with five of the six winning numbers on the Saturday, January 18, 6/49 draw. My earlier story, which said he or she won $69,553.30, was erroneous.

The winning numbers drawn were: 2 15 33 36 42 and 49. The bonus number was 13. No one won the main prize.

Someone in Ontario and someone in Revelstoke each won $139,106.60 with five of the six winning numbers. That’s not a Peter Mueller-style win but it’s not at all shabby. $139,106.60 will buy you one hell of a winter vacation where there’s no snow.

On a personal note, I  got excited for 20 seconds until I realized I only won a free play and $1 on the EXTRA.