Remember the Great Sewage Stench of 2013?

By David F. Rooney

Remember the Great Sewage Stench of 2013 when the odours emanating from the sewage treatment plant were absolutely breathtaking?

At the time, some people cast doubt on the City’s determination to fix the problem. Well, here’s proof they are in fact attempting to deal with it: A Request for Expressions of Interest posted on the BC Bid website.

Mike Thomas, Revelstoke’s director of Engineering and Public Works, said Thursday the REI is intended to attract “qualified engineering consultants” who can help the City reduce or remove the nauseating odours that waft from the Sewer Treatment Plant every summer.

Thomas, who had only been in Revelstoke for a short while when the stench assaulted noses all through the Southside neighbourhood, was somewhat unprepared for the depth of feeling and outright antagonism felt by some residents. The smell is an almost-regular occurrence that rolls over the neighbourhood in the mid-to-late summer. Last summer complainants went beyond their usual angry phone calls and bitter e-mails, gathering in front of the Engineering and Public Yard on Victoria Road.

To his credit, Thomas met with them listened to their angry comments. He said the department believes that stench is likely caused by chemicals and other substances entering the treatment system and killing off the bugs that dine on the raw sewage. He promised he department would take action and this is apparently the start of that process.

“The City will be evaluating those Expressions of Interest received and developing a short-list of companies,” says its posting at BC Bid. “A Request for Proposal document for the project will be issued to the short-listed companies in early 2014.”

The closing date for the solicitation of REIs is December 20 at 2 pm.

Please click here to read the posting on BC Bid. When you arrive at the BC Bid page please click on the line that reads: Browse all open opportunities.  Please click here to read the accompanying document attached to the BC Bid.

On a related note, reader Ken Talbot e-mailed The Current and said: “David, FYI – here’s an article that gives a good background on odour problems in wastewater handling systems.