MLA responds to Clovechok’s criticism

To the editor:

RE: BC Liberal takes MLA Norm Macdonald to task

500 words.  500 words crafted by 200 taxpayer-funded government public relations and communications staff.  And instead of listening to what the people in this area have said for nearly a decade, Mr. Clovechok chose to simply sign what he was handed.

Mr. Clovechok is wrong.  He was also wrong when he supported the BC Liberals when they forced HST down your throat.  He was wrong when he supported DriveABLE.  And he was wrong when he said that BC, under the BC Liberals, would be debt-free.

These increases to BC Hydro rates are directly resulting from the BC Liberals’ mismanagement of this publicly-owned asset, and ratepayers are now paying the price.  500 words of BC Liberal spin doesn’t change that.

Norm Macdonald
MLA Columbia River – Revelstoke