BC Liberal demands an accounting by MLA

Dear Editor,

Douglas Horton wrote: “desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention” and judging from Norm Macdonald’s latest rant on BC Hydro, wrong is just what he has attracted.   It is painfully obvious that he has still not accepted the message British Columbians sent to the NDP in the May election; we did not buy what they were selling and they got their hats handed to them at the polls.

Yet Mr. Macdonald continues to publish his party-generated propaganda with his desperate dialogue about Smart Meters and energy production.  His latest attempts to tell informed people that smart meters are some kind of conspiracy is ridiculous. What he should be telling people is that almost every progressive nation on earth is developing a smart grid. A smart grid allows the utility to determine outages where they happen, no matter how geographically isolated; a benefit for those of us who live rural areas. A smart grid reduces transmission load loss and prevents theft of electricity, both of which are driving up rates. BC Hydro’s Smart Meter installations continue along with a plan that will result in cost recovery, taking pressure off rates and putting more money back into the pockets of British Columbians.

Mr. Macdonald’s power generation rhetoric demonstrates that he does not have the understanding that any newly generated power is going to cost more than any power generated by the assets built by WAC Bennett in the 1960’s. The NDP have always disliked IPP’s because it is “private” and they keep arguing that it is more expensive. Fact is that any power generated with newly constructed assets is going to cost more than power from BC’s heritage assets. Bottom line folks the NDP just do not understand the economic principles associated with building a strong economy for BC.

Fact is, our hydro rates continue to be the third lowest in North America and compared to other provinces like Ontario where rates continue to skyrocket, BC is doing very well.

As far as the BC Hydro file goes, Mr. Macdonald has swung the bat twice and missed the ball both times and while we are waiting for his third “pitch” we issue him a challenge!  Mr. Macdonald stop your partisan party driven tirade and tell us what you are personally doing in the riding. Tell us about the files you are working on and the documented successes that you have accomplished helping the people who live here. Tell us how you are earning your salary and not to worry, we like short stories!

Doug Clovechok
Fairmont Hot Springs