Help us celebrate Community Foundation Week

What is a community foundation and what does it do for our community?  The purpose and focus of the Revelstoke Community Foundation is to build a permanent community endowment that supports a range of charitable activities in Revelstoke.

The three main functions of the Foundation are to establish endowments from donors, annually grant a portion of the income earned on the funds to those in the community who are in need and finally to promote and strengthen philanthropy in Revelstoke and area.  The Foundation acts as a vital link between donors and charitable agencies that provide for a wide range of needs and services in Revelstoke.  The mission is simply to make Revelstoke a better place for residents to live and work by supporting non-profit organizations.

The Revelstoke Community Foundation continues with efforts to raise money for the endowment.  The endowment funds are currently just over $1,500,000.  So far this year the foundation has provided $56,000 in grants and scholarships to worthy recipients in Revelstoke.  We wish to acknowledge and thank all those who have contributed to the foundation both in the past and also this year.

All donations to the Foundation receive tax deductible receipts.  In you wish to make a donation or require further information call Debra or Darryl at (250) 837-5345.