A blistering riposte to the CVSA’s comments on CBC Radio

Letter to the editor:

This letter is in response to Karl Jost’s interview with CBC Radio on Nov.26/13.

While I respect Mr. Josts’ right to express his opinions I am taking him to task on his comment – that the reason that there is resistance to Kovach Park as the site of the new skateboard is that 6-8 neighboring people think that skateboarders are just a bunch of punks.

I am totally shocked that as a representative of the CVSA he would stoop to the lowest level and make this issue very personal, so much for integrity.

The residents of South Revelstoke under the generous leadership of C. Pearce who put together public meetings to help CVSA find a home brought much input from South Revelstoke residents and many others. Many options were looked at; some dismissed quickly others requiring more info. In the end it appeared that Centennial Park was the likely front runner.

The foot dragging by the City soon became evident. The questions of ground stability became the flavor of the month.

The world of geo tech was added to the mix, the placement of uncontrolled fill was the next buzz statement and on and on.

While I sense the CVSA’s frustration they are focusing on the wrong group. The City needs to step up and take some heat. Their Director of Engineering is the one making these statements yet tell me why it was okay for the City to spend +/- $250,000 on the new washrooms at Centennial Park on top off the old landfill.

Look at the old pictures of the Rec Center area and you will see a very large ravine. Don’t tell me that the entire fill was a “controlled fill” or why is it when you dig down 12 feet on the back right-hand corner of the Rec Center you will find cedar shavings of an undetermined depth. Why is okay to build a pool on an old uncontrolled fill yet when it comes to the skateboard park all the rules are dragged out?

In the world of high-strength concrete and re-inforcing the skateboard park is like a swimming pool. It may move but if done right it moves as one.

Kovach Park has been evolving over the last decade. It is the entrance to the much used Greenway it houses a small half-court basketball area. It has a young children’s area mostly devoid of any play equipment (anyone good at writing grant applications – contact me). It will soon be home to a seniors’ exercisie area and a little green space to play fetch with Rover and the kids.

The neighborhood welcomed the zoning change to allow Begbie Manor to add an additional 16 homes for seniors. Its time for some other area of town to step up to the plate and provide different venues for the youth of Revelstoke. Kovach Park has more than done its fair share. While it does contain the old outdated skateboard park which serves the little ones well, it is not the site for the new hi-tech park. It seems like Kovach Park is becoming the dumping ground for all good things.

Mr. Jost your comments where totally out of line you owe the 6-8 an apology. I will continue to be supportive of your endeavor because I believe in your cause but will always take you to task on comments like those made on CBC Radio

Bob Melnyk
Revelstoke, BC

Click here to listen to the comments made on CBC Radio.