Lower than normal drawdowns possible this month

Revelstoke Reservoir water levels may be drawn down well below normal levels from late October to early November, if needed, to meet provincial electricity demands.

During this time, inflows into Revelstoke Reservoir from Mica Dam will be reduced. BC Hydro must limit generation at Mica to allow workers to safely replace aging switchgear equipment in the underground powerhouse. At the same time, generation is somewhat limited from BC Hydro’s Peace River system due to maintenance outages.

“Given current conditions and assuming average weather, we may need to lower the reservoir water level below its normal minimum level of 571.5 metres (1,875 feet) starting the week of October 21, 2013,” the utility said in a statement. “The level could drop as much as 4.6 metres (15 feet) below the normal minimum level by late October 2013. Should such a drop be needed, we would then expect the reservoir to refill back into its normal operating range by mid-November.”

If you are planning activities in or around Revelstoke Reservoir please be aware that the water level may be dropping during this period, likely by as much as 2 feet per day but possibly as much as 4 feet per day depending on weather and system conditions.

BC Hydro will look for opportunities to limit the magnitude of the water level drop and will closely monitor the Revelstoke Reservoir level during this period, the statement said.

BC Hydro normally operates Revelstoke Reservoir at a fairly constant water level between 571.5 metres (1,875 feet) and 573.02 metres (1,880 feet) to maximize hydraulic head at Revelstoke Dam. However, BC Hydro occasionally operates Revelstoke reservoir at a lower minimum level during cold weather or unusual system conditions.