Have small business owner insomnia? Basin Business Advisors have the cure…

Ask small business owners if they have ever lain awake at night thinking about business and the majority will say that they have. With Small Business Week set to begin next Monday, October 21, this is an excellent time for them to consider assistance from the Basin Business Advisors (BBA) program can help them.

The expanded BBA program, delivered by Community Futures (CF), provides business support to qualifying small- and medium-sized businesses including enterprising non-profit/co-op organizations in the Columbia Basin region.

Many small business owners, social enterprises and co-ops are excited by great ideas and opportunities available but uncertain how to incorporate these into business plans and actions. Often working alone or with a small staff, these enterprises may face “idea isolation.” They have a great idea but no regular contact with peers or experts to discuss it and ensure they’ve explored all angles in order to create the right business strategy. Or in some cases, business owners and organizations may simply not know what they don’t know and need advice on where to focus their research, energy and time.

The BBA program helps business owners by first connecting them with one of four specialized business advisors. The program is one-on-one and client driven, so while some businesses will choose to focus on specific topics for a short advice session, others will choose a full assessment of all aspects of their organization. The goal is to provide business owners with a fresh, professional perspective on their business health and information about where to find the best return on their investment.

Interested parties can contact the program to determine eligibility and create a plan to get the business support they need. The program is designed to provide expertise, support success and with the right approach, a better night’s sleep.

More on the BBA program can be viewed at www.cbt.org/bba.