Brazen thieves have a thing for Free Spirit Sports signs

This just in from the some-people-will-steal-anything file: thieves with a fetish for Free Spirit Sports sandwich-boards have stolen two of the hefty signs from outside Elmer and Liz Rorstad’s shop on First Street West.

“We wanted to warm other retailers in town that there seems to a sign thief about,” Liz told The Current on Tuesday. “We’ve had both of our sandwich boards stolen in the last few months from outside our store (in case anyone in town was wondering why we don’t have one out).”

She said the last one was stolen in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon about two weeks ago.

“These are not light signs either, (they’re) made of solid wood!” she said. “So someone was lugging this thing around. Our summer sign was stolen earlier in the summer.”

Over the course of the last three years Elmer and Liz have had to replace three signs and they’re not cheap.

Elmer said it costs him $275 to purchase a new and professionally designed sign.

“Needless to say, replacing them comes out of pocket as it’s not worth an insurance claim,” Liz said. “So keep your eyes open retailers!”