Watch Joanne Stacey’s NewSong Contest video and VOTE FOR HER

By David F. Rooney

As you probably know by now Joanne Stacey is an International Finalist in the prestigious 2013 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest. What you may not know is that you can help propel her into the winner’s circle by voting for her on the contest website.

Joanne has recorded a performance of her song, Back Against the Wall. This is haunting and very memorable original song that tells the story of a  girl who is slipped a date rape drug. Published on her Whiskey Town album, this is a dark song that grabs and holds your attention Accompanied by Darrin Herting, this video is a live performance recorded in Joanne’s living room. It is currently a Top-10 regional finalist in the NewSong Contest.

“This is my second time in the running (for the NewSong Contest),” Joanne said on Wednesday afternoon. “I was in it four years ago.”

She hopes she’ll win this year, but even if she doesn’t Joanne is bound to make new fans. Her songs are beautifully crafted and, like Back Against the Wall, certain to appeal to listeners — even if the theme is a dark one.

“With Back Against the Wall I wrote about something I’m passionate about,” she said. “The ending might seem a little violent but it’s what, as parent, I felt. I think everyone would feel the same.”

You can click here to see the video of Joanne’s song and be sure to vote for her.

Please click here to learn more about the 2013 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.