Off to college? Consider some brain food in your diet…

By David F. Rooney

A lot of people send me stuff. Some of it I use; some of it I don’t. The PDF attached to this post may have some value for young men and women who are off to college or university this fall.

Mcburgers, pizza and other fast foods may be okay once in a while but do you really want to fuel up on that all day every day? The correct answer would be “no.” But what are the premium foods you should be eating?

A woman named Nicole Foster created the attached graphic, which was published on She contacted me after she read a Current story last year about teaching kids to find the best foods for their table.

Take a look at the graphic. Some of it I knew when i was a university student back in the 1970s; some of it I didn’t know. But one thing I think we should all remember is this: We are what we eat.

Bon appetit.