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UVic program teaches you how to self-manage a chronic illness

If you suffer from a chronic disease and think you can manage it yourself, you are invited to find out more about the Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (OCDSMP), offered by the University of Victoria – Self-Management BC.

The OCDSMP, accessible at, is a free 6-session workshop for adults who are experiencing long-term physical or mental health conditions (such as arthritis, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, etc.) The program is funded by the BC Ministry of Health and accessible to those with all levels of computer experience.

Participants learn tools to understand and manage symptoms, get started making lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and being more active, communicate effectively with their health care team, make daily tasks easier and take action and live a healthier life.

Attached is a sheet which outlines some of the research findings on Self-Management Programs. The online program does not conflict with existing programs or treatment – it is designed to enhance regular treatment and disease-specific education.

Click here to read the first and second of two info sheets about the program.

To register online for the Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, please go to

For information on other community-based programs including the Chronic Pain, Arthritis/Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and Active Choices Self-Management Programs, please visit

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Sign on the dotted line if you’d like to see pot decriminalized

Dinah Collette is hosting a petition asking the BC Liberal government to decriminalize marijuana at her Spice o’ Life shop at 106 Orton Avenue.

Back a couple of years ago when the anti-HST campaign taking shape she hosted a petition to repeal that tax.

“This time (the petition) is to amend the Police Act and decriminalize cannabis,” she told The Current. “Only eligible voters registered with Elections BC  may sign the petition.”


Rossland Mountain Film Festival is seeking entries by Revelstoke filmmakers

The Teck Rossland Mountain Film Festival is set to celebrate its fourteenth this November with the annual festival running from November 13 – 17  in R-Town.

“Currently, the RMFF board is actively seeking entries from filmmakers big, small, medium-sized, or as yet completely undiscovered,” said a statement released on Wednesday evening. “If you are a filmmaker — or know of a filmmaker who has been flying under the radar —we would love to receive those films for possible inclusion in the festival.”

The festival shows films about skiing snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing and other adrenalin-secreting pursuits. It is now eager to show films of “an environmental nature, films that feature a distinct narrative arc (We like stories!), as well as those that celebrate wilderness, arts and culture relating to mountain life, and so on,” the statement said

“Fly-fishing?” the statement asked. “You betcha. Send it in. Aggressive unicycling? Ten-four, one-wheeler; fire it our way. Homemade wing-suit documentary? If it doesn’t wind up a snuff film, we’re interested!”

The Teck-sponsored Rossland Mountain Film Fest is committed to presenting the latest, greatest, big budget flicks alongside homegrown, roots-based, independent films. Short films, feature lengths, all submissions will be considered, one of the best aspects of the submissions process being FREE ENTRY.

“Unlike exclusive marquis festivals, the RMFF does not charge filmmakers a submissions fee,” the statement said. “We would sooner you diverted your hard-earned cash towards lift tickets and beer, the same as our mountain-loving folk here in town!

For more information on the festival or how to submit a film, please visit its website at and please ensure your entry or submission is received by the RMFF by October 1!

For more information, contact the volunteer films coordinator at


It’s time to start ordering your apple pies from the ladies at St. Francis

The traditional — and delicious! — Apple Pie Sale is coming up at St. Francis Parish.

These fantastic pies are $9 each. Call 837-4139 to pre-order your pies.  The centre will be open by 9 am both days and pies should be ready for pick-up by about 10:30 through till about 4 p.m. each day.