Local news briefs

The City thinks it is close to identifying the source of the stench that has gagged Southside residents for weeks.

In a verbal update to Council, Public Works Director Mike Thomas said the smell appears to be coming from the sewer system headworks and the actual cause is either a grease buildup or the improper and illegal disposal of industrial waste into the City’s sewer system.

However, he said “we don’t yet have a good handle on the actual cause.”

Thomas also told Council that cooler temperatures appear to have caused the stench of hydrogen sulphide gas to ease.

The Engineering and Public Works Department has enough money allocated to allow it to work on odour elimination in 2014.

Mayor David Raven thanked residents for their patience as the department works on this problem.


Revelstoke has received an Age-Friendly British Columbia Recognition Award. A letter to Mayor Dave Raven from Dr. David Butler-Jones, chief public health officer of the Public Health Agency of Canada, said the City won the award because of its efforts to support healthy aging.

“Age-friendly communities encourage healthy aging by improving and preserving health,physical, social and mental wellness, independence and quality of life,” he wrote. “At the same time, age-friendly communities create better, safer and healthier places for all Canadians to live and thrive as they age.”


The Bygone Era Entertainment Society’s railway-themed Magic Lantern Show held on August 17 during Railway Days was judged a success by its organizers.

“We had guest presenters Ron Easterday and Ralph Shape from Tacoma, Washington, initiating us into the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen,” David Evans said Wednesday, August 28, “with Ken Jones singing the contemporary song of the Brotherhood ‘… they are always happy, the boys of the B of L F and E!’ complete with flash cards. We had a trip across Canada on the CNR behind the largest streamline passenger locomotive in the world, we looked at some extremely rare and early magic lantern slides, some from the 18th Century. We enjoyed Robyn Abear singing The Old Folks at Home illustrated with Joseph Boggs Beale’s American slides produced in the 1850s, together with Judy, her charming and talented accompanist, and we concluded with our signature Victorian Disco Light Show of about 50 chromotropes dissolved into each other and accompanied by our Belgian dance organ.”

The show raised $115 for the Community Connections Food, $100 for the Habitat for Humanity project and $36 for the Railway Museum.

“Thank you all for your support,” Evans said. “There will be a film night on the last Friday of September as usual.”


The City issued 10 building permits in July for commercial and residential projects worth $1,573,000.

A report to Council on Tuesday said that brings the total value of permits issued so far this year to $7,176,000. Lst year by this time the City had issued permits valued at $7,807,000.

Please click here to view the full report.


The City also issued 12 new business licenses in July. That brings the total number of business licenses in Revelstoke to 884, down from 906 by the end of July, 2012.

The new licenses were issued to:

  1. Active Routes Paddleboarding, a paddleboarding school at 273 Pearkes;
  2. Sicamous Concrete and Gravel, a general contractor in Malakwa;
  3. Modern Purair, a furnace and heating service in Salmon Arm;
  4. Fluid Suspension, at 300 Fourth Street East;
  5. Revelstoke Snowshoe Company, a business office for a North Vancouver winter tourism company;
  6. Hiresun Treasures, a second-hand store located at 201 — 217 Victoria Road; Squeaky Cheeks, a diaper service at 321 Third Street East;
  7. B. Willford Ltd,, a general contractor and tree falling firm in Malakwa;
  8. Prolific Imaging, a photography service located at 5 — 1113 Fourth Street East;
  9. Basil Waits, a graphic design and creative media company at 701 Moss Street;
  10. Steve Shannon Photography located at 10 — 241 Highway 23 North; and
  11. Padrino’s Pizza at 200 First Street East.

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The Chamber of Commerce presented Council with its six-month report on marketing and other activities.

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Four residents wrote letters to City Hall regarding four different issues.

Fred Loiselle wrote regarding dust levels on Seventh Street East.

Renee Howe wrote about the need for a dog park and suggested that the decommissioned Mount Begbie Elementary School would be a good place for that.

Floyd Falcon wrote to Council expressing his support for the proposed adventure park at Greeley.

Sharon Honeyman wrote to Council asking it to support a longer season at the Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre.


City Council has been invited to attend a workshop on poverty reduction and community sustainability at the Community Centre on Thursday, September 26, from 9 am until 2 pm.