Art meets garden in the first Garden & Art tour on Friday

This lovely sandstone sculpture will be on display in Lisa Feuz's garden. Photo courtesy of Barbara Maye
This lovely sandstone sculpture will be on display in Lisa Feuz’s garden. Photo courtesy of Barbara Maye

By David F. Rooney

Titillate your senses this Friday as the owners of 19 hidden gardening gems across town host an art walk with a difference during the first-ever Garden & Art Tour organized by the Revelstoke Art Gallery and the North Columbia Environmental Society.

Gallery members are placing a number of their paintings and sculptures in 19 amazing gardens scattered across the city.

The garden owners, meanwhile, will be highlighting some of the interesting features of their lush little pieces of heaven on earth.

“The gardens we selected for the tour have special features such as ponds, rain catchers, composters and other elements,” said the NCESs’ Hailey Ross.

“That will be interesting all by itself for people who like to garden. Combine that with unique works of art and we believe this will be fantastic show.”

Take Ken Sakomoto’s garden. He started it shortly after he began building his home at 238 Downie in 1957. This garden features a number of Japanese-inspired elements evidenced by pruning techniques, a Ginkgo tree and a beautiful pond of 60 – 80 Koi swimming about. Ken tends to a number of beautiful flowers, a productive vegetable patch, and fruit which he then ferments into a beautiful beverage he just may share with others.  Nancy Geismar will be showing some of her amazing ceramics at Ken’s garden.

Lisa Feuz’s garden at 2285 Tum Tum Crescent is often described as “magical” and the addition of a sandstone sculpture by Barbara Maye will add to that other-wordly sensation. Speaking of Barbara, she is installing a series of new paintings in the garden of her home on Oscar Street. This is a sneak peek of a show she will be having at Nakusp’s Studio Connexion next month.

If you’ve ever wanted to peer into an Italian garden, Joe Iaccino’s is a cool representative of Revelstoke’s lush Italian gardens.  Everything from

David Rooney's The Green Man will be on display in Joe  Iaccino’s superb Italiam garden.
David Rooney’s The Green Man will be on display in Joe Iaccino’s superb Italian garden.

the classic tomatoes and basil, to productive fig trees can be found here, and Joe will be happy to show you around. Two of my works will be installed at this garden.

Lee and Roy Olsen’s garden will be host to some of Rachel Kelly’s vibrant paintings. It’s a good match. Lee has been known affectionately as the Flower Lady for almost 30 years, and her vegetable patch lives up to the same fame.

I could tell you more about what you can see on this tour, but you’ll just have to come out and see for yourself.

The Garden & Art Tour starts on Friday, August 9, at 4 pm and runs until 8 pm.

Maps for this self-guided tour are available for $5 at Chantilly Kitchen, Bed ‘n’ Bath one Mackenzie Avenue and at ArtFirst! On First Street West.

Don’t miss this amazing show.

Please click here to view the poster.

For more information click here to visit the NCES website.