Arrow Lakes Reservoir water level dropping and expected to be below average levels for remainder of summer

BC Hydro says the Arrow Lakes Reservoir water level peaked at 440.0 metres (1443.5 feet) on July 3, 2013.
“Currently the water level is 436.5 metres (1,432.1 feet) and is dropping at about 0.6 feet per day,” the utility said in a statement released on Friday morning, August 2.
“Based on current forecasts, BC Hydro expects the Arrow Lakes Reservoir water level to continue to drop for the remainder of the summer, reaching a level between 431.2 metres and 434.3 metres (1,415 feet and 1,425 feet) by the end of August. This is similar to the water levels we experienced in late May 2013.”

BC Hydro said that although water inflows into the Columbia River Basin are expected to be slightly above average this year, it is running fewer generating units than usual at the Mica generating stationthis summer to safely allow ongoing replacement of aging switchgear equipment at the facility. As a result, less water than usual is coming into Arrow Lakes Reservoir from the Mica and Revelstoke dams and water releases from Hugh L. Keenleyside dam are continuing according to the terms of the Columbia River Treaty.

Arrow Lakes Reservoir water levels are driven by numerous factors including snowpack, weather, load requirements, Columbia River Treaty provisions, and other variables and vary considerably from year to year. Although this water level is relatively uncommon, it is well within the historical range.  Water levels on August 31 from the years 1968 to the present have ranged from a low of about 429.8 metres (1,410 feet) to a high of about 440.1 metres (1,444 feet).

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