Tips to save money on your BC Hydro bill during hot weather

Hot temperatures this summer might make you look for shade, but they also represent opportunities to saving money on your electricity at home, says a statement from BC Hydro.

“People use electricity differently, and if you are going on vacation or staying put this summer, here are some tips and annual savings to help keep out the heat and reduce your costs,” the statement said.

  • Before you leave for holiday, set outdoor energy-efficient lamps on timers if you use them for security purposes;
  • Unplug your electronics when you go out to save up to ten per cent on your bill;
  • Hang dry half of your laundry to save up to $50;
  • Shade your windows and block up to 65 per cent of the heat;
  • Take your cooking outside to reduce the use of your stove or oven;
  • Use a ceiling fan to lower the indoor temperature by up to ten per cent and conserve energy;
  • Take shorter, cooler showers by reducing your shower time by one minute and save $15 per person; and
  • Unplug your second fridge and save $85.

BC Hydro encourages customers to create an online account, called MyHydro, to track their electricity consumption and manage their accounts. For more information, visit