Art meets garden in a new self-guided tour next month

By David F. Rooney

The North Columbia Environmental Society and the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society are combining to stage what could be a very interesting self-directed tour that could lead you some of the city’s amazing gardens and artworks.

“Our vision is a self-directed tour on August 9 whereby gardens and art will come together to inspire, intrigue, produce, and nourish the body and soul,” says Jackie Pendergast, executive director of the Revelstoke Art Gallery.

“We are seeking the following:

  • garden site suggestions. Noteworthy features to display could include an innovative greenhouse, an effective irrigation design, an efficient use of space, the incorporation of native plants, a particularly beautiful flower bed, a perfect place to display art, etc!
  • art for the tour. This could be a painting on an easel propped up in a carrot patch, some pottery creatively placed in a flower bed, or some live theatre perhaps? All ideas and contributions welcome!
  • live art (artists!). Perhaps you’d like to paint one of these gardens on the tour, or you’d like to capture the essence of people interacting with some backyard chickens while sipping a fresh herb-infused mocktail on a warm Friday afternoon? There are many creative opportunities here.”

The NCES’ Hailey Ross said this kind of tour is a natural fit for the two groups.

“It could reinvigorate the garden tours we used to run,” she said.

The NCES is embarking on a number of other ventures, including the creation of a food charter for the community, the annual Midsummer Night’s Green party and the annual Harvest Palooza in the autumn.

If you would like to help organize this event, or can contribute to any of the above, please contact Hailey Ross at, or Jackie Pendergast at or