Province to audit the City

The City of Revelstoke has been selected for “a performance audit on operational procurement” by Basia Ruta, BC’s newly appointed Auditor General for Local Government.

A statement from the City said the audit, which it had requested, will examine Revelstoke’s effectiveness at achieving value for money when buying equipment and supplies for its operations.

Other communities scoped for procurement audits include the City of Vernon, the Corporation of Delta, the Comox Valley Regional District, the Fraser-Fort George Regional District and the District of West Vancouver.

Last year, as part of its 2013 goal setting, Council committed to encouraging a review of municipal operations. In support of Council’s commitment, Chief Administrative Officer Tim Palmer, attended an Audit Development Planning Workshop with the Auditor General for Local Government in February.

“We are pleased that the Auditor General has chosen Revelstoke for this audit on operational procurement,” Palmer said in the statement. “Revelstoke is one of the few communities that embraced the audit process upon the province’s initial announcement. We expect that we will learn from the process and that the findings will help us make improvements that facilitate our quest to bring the best value for our citizens.”

This announcement is part of the first phase of a four-phase auditing process. KPMG has been contracted by the Auditor General for Local Government to conduct the performance audit. The City of Revelstoke will be receiving additional information describing the process of the planning phase that will finalize the scope of the audit examination at a later date.

Councillor Steve Bender, chairman of Council’s Finance Committee, called the audit “another positive step in improving city operations.”

Revelstoke’s audit on operational procurement is to be completed and published before March 31, 2014.

More information on the Auditor General for Local Government can be found at .