One grandfather’s heart-felt thank you to the students and grads at RSS

I cannot thank the students and Grads of RSS enough for their caring and the attention they have given to my granddaughter, Aleesha Kaler.

Most people know it is difficult to raise a special-needs child. They have difficulties trying to fit in and be accepted. During my visits to Revelstoke and phone calls to my family, I have been hearing great stories of Aleesha and her times at school.

There are too many people to name but I do want to thank all, from the provincial Ministry of Education, School District 19 Board and staff, and the staff at RSS. Aleesha has enjoyed her time at RSS and if she could tell each one of you, she would say she loves you all.

My main reason for this message is because of the students and Grads that have been unbelievable in the way they have treated my granddaughter. As they know, Aleesha’s best times were when she was allowed to play basketball, or hoops as she would say. For the girls to ask her to be the water girl for the team brought tears to my eyes, that they would include her in that way. Thank You, Team. I saw a video,  I believe of an assembly gathering at the school,  and when Allesha’s name was mentioned for an award, the students cheered and gave her a standing ovation.

Again, it was another emotional moment for me. Also when they had the crowning of the 2013 Grad King and Queen they crowned Allesha as a Princess.

It has to be mentioned how the staff and students treat special-needs children at RSS. In today’s world we always hear about the negatives, about abuse and serious incidents in high schools. All I can say is, okay, folks take a look at RSS.

To the students and Grads, all I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and God Bless You all.

Clarence Thacker
Rittman, Ohio