BC Hydro to help flood-ravaged Alberta

BC Hydro has offered help to utilities in Alberta with the restoration of electrical service in the areas affected by the recent floods. Crews from B.C. are available to respond if requested by the disaster-affected province.

A statement from the utility said crews and equipment are on standby, and as soon as notification is received to send the resources, they will be dispatched immediately to the areas where they are needed most.

Authorities in Alberta say 65,000 people in Calgary were allowed to return to their homes over the weekend, and of those residents, as many as 24,000 are still without any electricity.

Alberta crews may face challenges in accessing areas damaged by the floodwater. Manholes leading to underground infrastructure may be filled with silt and sediment. Equipment could still be flooded, even though the water levels have begun to decrease.

Alberta utilities may also need to repair transformers, cables and components of the overhead system.