Voting with a social conscience

Anyone who knows me and my  business would not say I am a socialist, yet  I feel I can put my record up for anyone to look at and they would say I have a social conscience.  History has shown that the best social program is a well paying job and a sense of being productive.

I know I am not the only business man in this town who feels that for some reason we are the enemy.  It is an irony that those who think you can tax the producers of wealth so as to advance the needs of those less fortunate, are in fact, the very ones who shrink the economy that is required to provide needed assistance. All political parties in Canada support social policies but not all approaches are sustainable.

I was in business in the 1990s and saw the direct result of this type of policy.

Without job creation and the growth of opportunity, social programs soon become unaffordable.  I clearly remember the day the Liberals were voted into power and  how investors  came back.

I look to government to create an environment for investors to feel confident that there will be good government management. Do you think that any secondary investment will come to our area if investors feel that money will be spent on social programs and not on infrastructure such as our highways? These investors create jobs that directly pay for social programs.

The question always arises, is help helpful? Of course it is to the truly down-and-out but only an opportunity for good employment and management allows a province the capital required to truly sustain assistance those in need.

In this election I will be supporting the BC Liberals and their candidate Doug Clovechok who have demonstrated that they have a well planned and fully costed platform that will continue to grow a strong economy and  a secure tomorrow, and I do so with a strong social conscience.

David Ratzlaff
Golden, BC
HR Pacific Const. Manag. Ltd.