Painting pictures with words…

Editor’s Note:
I don’t often receive poetry submissions but I am always pleased when I do. This piece is by local resident Anne Keller: 


Anne Keller
Anne Keller


Jade Place 

Lupine; blue/purple/pink, hardy and handy,  wild beauty in the spring!
Shows her strength best when Selkirk clouds bare their teeth.
Green hills and ground,  flat soil/everlasting, rolling towards edges,
And extending to those trees,  flowing up on horizon – both green/black then spare.

Connect with the stones which connect with the sky.
Feathers above, float looking and searching. For what down below?
Massive river of glass – cuts earth/rock, and forest – cuts vast/verdant valley.
Molten snow, descends finally, to this warm elevation.

A jitter of flicker, sends telegraph to the world,
Stands tall on street pole and proclaims his intent.
Rose/garden, rose/light, falls soft on your mountain.
Evening hush lights gently on this quiet road’s end.

Anne Keller is a ski guide and physical therapist assistant.  She moved to Revelstoke full-time in May of 2011. She describes herself as an avid wordsmith who is inspired by the light and the natural world in her day-to-day experiences while living here.