Another scam perpetrated on seniors

The local RCMP detachment is warning residents — particularly those who are seniors — of another scam being perpetrated in town.

Cpl. Thomas Blakney said two local seniors received a call on Tuesday, April 30, from an unknown woman who tried to convince them their grandson had been injured in an auto vehicle accident and they should wire some money to him.

Of course, it was not true.

“Typically these types of callers prey on seniors and target areas where they know there is access to a local money transfer type of business,” Blakney said in a news statement on Tuesday afternoon. “The RCMP are encouraging the public to use diligence when requested to send cash or cheques as well as money orders. The caller is hoping you will send cash immediately and will try their best to convince you that it is urgent.”

Scammers can use a variety of ploys to part their victims from their money. They may claim to be a young relative who desperately needs money to get out of a jam of some kind. They may also claim to be a lover interest who needs financial assistance or they be offering an apartment or vacation rental and ask for a wire transfer of funds.

Blakney said anyone who thinks they have been approached by a con artist should report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or by calling 1-888-495-8501.

If you have information about the incident described above or any similar con please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 the Revelstoke RCMP at 250-837-5255.