Voter fears a split on the right

Dear Editor,

As a life time supporter and member of the federal Conservative Party of Canada it has been brought to my attention that a candidate has surfaced in the Columbia River Revelstoke Riding representing the BC Conservative Party (BCC) in the upcoming provincial election. That is unfortunate. It is a broadly held view that such a candidate has absolutely no chance of winning but, ironically, by running on a scant but right of center business oriented platform his most probable result will be to enhance the opportunity for the left of center voices.

At a time when schools wish for lower student/teacher ratios, where hospitals are hoping for shorter wait times and more beds, and the environment requires our studied attention, the entry of a BCC candidate only enhances the chances for a NDP return and a government; a government that has never been able to create wealth but is really good at redistributing all that it raises from increased taxation.

What we desperately require a government that can generate the additional wealth needed that will fulfill the needs of our families without the NDP style of sliding their hands, again, back into our pockets. The focus of this election must be on the continuance of our growing the economy so that the social needs of so many can, in fact, be realized.

It is critical that people understand the BCC has absolutely nothing to do with the federal Conservatives and we offer them no support. Voters need to understand that a vote for the BCC is really just a vote for the NDP! Each vote that is cast in their direction will ruin any chance we have for the strong economy and a secure future the BC Liberal coalition can create. A vote for the BCC will lead us back to the chaos and the higher taxation and stagnant economic growth of the 90’s that saw thousands of British Columbians leave the province fleeing the NDP tyranny!

A very concerned British Columbian and federal Conservative!

Cliff Boychuk