Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY! Will we win?

By David F. Rooney

Tomorrow’s the big day for the Kraft Hockey Goes On Contest! Will all our votes propel Dennis Berarducci for to glory and a big payday for Minor Hockey?

The results of the Kraft Hockey Goes On Contest will be known early tomorrow evening and supporters of Revelstoke’s bid for the $100,000 or perhaps the $20,000 prize hope to get a crowd downtown between 4 pm and 7 pm.

Mackenzie Avenue will be closed for a street hockey game and both Conversations Café and Isabella’s Ristorante will have TVs set to broadcast the Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers NHL game. The results of the national contest will be broadcast during the game.

If our local ambassador of hockey, Dennis Berarducci, is selected as one of the Pacific Region’s winners all that money will go to the Revelstoke Minor Hockey Association.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people voted for Dennis last month. Come on down for this last show of local spirit!