Local news, briefly…

George Bell and Three Valley Lake Chateau made a national television debut last Wednesday on the Space Channel show, Stranded.
The show features three New Yorkers who tour different hotels that have reputations as haunted locations.
Personally, I’ve never heard of a ghost or poltergeist at at Three Valley, but I guess anything’s possible.
You can watch it online athttp://www.space.ca/Stranded.aspx
The Revelstoke Multicultural Society is continuing to expand our understanding of Canada as an immigrant society with this week’s free screening of the The Fullness of Time episode from the epic series, A Scattering of Seeds.
The film will be accompanied by a panel discussion involving four Revelstokians of Ukrainian heritage: Bob Melnyk, Sam Olynyk, Barry Ozdero and Dmitir Raiber.
The evening begins at 7 pm at Okanagan College and will also feature the society’s Annual General Meeting. That is expected to be brief.
The newly formed Revelstoke chapter of the Canadian Parents for French is holding an Open House on Thursday, April 4, at the Community Centre from 7 pm until 9 pm.
The aim of the meeting is to gather all stakeholders in one place to engage in meaningful dialogue about FI in Revelstoke,” Open House moderator Ben Wilkey said in an e-mail. “To date, all stakeholders have not had an opportunity to participate in prolonged dialogue. This Open House is an opportunity for learning, questioning and engaging one another, with the hope that the barriers to overcoming FI program implementation in Revelstoke can be overcome. SD19 is known provincially and within our community for it’s progressive approach to education programs and outstanding achievements. We feel strongly that by coming together, a solution for implementing FI can be achieved.”
The Revelstoke Theatre Company is seeking help in the following production team areas: Producer(s), Stage Manage(s), Set Design, Set Building, Set Decor, Lighting Design and Technical, Sound Design and Technical, Hair and Makeup, Costumes, Front of House, Ushers, Tickets and Ticket Sales, Poster Design, Programs Design. If you are interested in helping in any areas, send an e-mail to info@revelstoketheatrecompany.org, indicating the areas you are interested in.
The company’s next play is Fuel, which will be playing in Revelstoke at McGregor’s at Powder Springs Inn on April 25, 26, 27 and May 2, 3 and 4. The show is a zone festival entry so it will also be playing in Nakusp on the Mother’s Day weekend May 10, 11, 12 (Fuel will be performed on Saturday the 11th). If it wins Best Production at the Nakusp festival, the troupe would then re-mount it for a night or two at the Performing Arts Centre in Revelstoke (dates to be announced) and then carry on to the provincial Mainstage festival which is held July 5 – 13 in Kamloops. The show would play on the evening of Monday, July 8. For more information about the provincial Mainstage festival click here.