Election set to begin on Tuesday — Updated!

By David F. Rooney

The 2013 BC provincial election is set to begin next Tuesday and three parties — the BC Liberals, BC Conservatives and the New Democrats — are ramping up their efforts to win the hearts and minds of Columbia River-Revelstok voters.

The two other parties in the election, the BC Greens and the newly formed Excalibur Party, do not appear to have  candidates running in our constituency.

“I am sorry to say, that, at this time, we still don’t have a candidate for the Columbia River-Revelstoke area,” BC Excalibur Party Secretary Alexandra Halliday said in an e-mail to The Current. “Having said this, we are still actively seeking candidates in many areas in BC, and are greatly hoping, that like-minded individuals, who feel, that they have the ambition, drive and ability to help make a change, will step forward and join our team. To this end, if you know someone, who might be interested, or if you yourself are, then, please, let us know. If you don’t know anyone, who might wish to run for MLA, please, spread the word anyways.”

The Green Party has not yet responded to inquiries from The Current.

NDP candidate and incumbent MP Norm Macdonald is opening four campaign offices starting next Sunday, April 14. The Revelstroke office is being opened on Sunday at 2B 300 West 1st Street with a meet-the-candidate kick-off party from 1 pm until 4 pm. Offices in Golden, Invermere and Kimberley are to be opened on April 16, 17 and 18, respectively.

The BC Liberals’ office at 308 First Street West  is now open. They’ll be holding an official  opening on Tuesday, April 16, at 2 pm when candidate Doug Clovechok brings his campaign here for a week. Clovechok will be door-knocking throughout the city.

The BC Conservatives are offering a candidate for voters’ consideration in the form of semi-retired accountant  Earl Olsen of Fairmont Hot Springs. Olsen is also a volunteer firefighter and first responder. There has, as yet, been no word on whether the Conservatives will open a campaign office in Revelstoke.

Local voters will get to assess the candidates during the Chamber of Commerce’s All-Candidates Debate at the Community Centre on Monday, April 22, starting at 6:30 pm. The debate will be moderated by former mayor Geoff Battersby.

If you’d like to learn more about the five different parties please visit their websites at:

Norm Macdonald — BC New Democratic Party
Doug Clovechok — BC Liberal Party
Earl Olsen — BC Conservative Party
The Green Party of BC
The British Columbia Excalibur Party