$20,000 worth of thank yous!

To the people of Revelstoke:

Thank you to the people of Revelstoke for helping me help Revelstoke Minor Hockey to win the $20,000 second prize from Kraft’s Hockey Goes On Contest.

Thank you to Renee Howe and Dave Rooney for nominating me. Also to Revelstoke Minor Hockey for allowing me to carry on with the one thing I truly love: Being there for the kids and watching them grow.

There are so many individuals to thank and I can’t begin to name you all, but I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who helped me at our minor hockey games and to all the Grizzlies. You guys are awesome.

To the guys and girls known as the Coffee Crowd at Conversations: Thank you for all your hard work.

Thanks as well to The Revelstoke Current, Jeff Riesen at EZ Rock and the Times Review. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you. Also an awesome job well done to Karen and her staff at Conversations and Nelson and Vicky at Isabella’s.

To Renee Howe: You and all your family are truly awesome people. The work you do for Minor Hockey and the community surely does not go un-noticed.

I cannot end without thanking Kraft of Canada for putting this contest together. Your company had a vision and stuck to it. Thank you, Kraft, from me and Revelstoke Minor Hockey.

Thanks, too, to Mayor Dave Raven for helping with the street closure. Last but not least a thank you to my lovely wife, Glenalee, and the rest of our family for being there for me.

Thanks again — $20,000 worth! — to all of Revelstoke.

Dennis Berarducci