Tired of the pain?

Dear Editor,

Have you ever had a slurpee on a really hot day and drank it too fast? Well the pain that comes with that activity pales in comparison to the agonizing partisan rhetoric that continues to emerge from Norm Macdonald’s so-called “MLA Reports.” His commentary consistently speaks only of his ideological perceptions and what he would like us to believe about what others have or have not done. In addition he tells us  how unhappy we are or how unhappy we should be. A puzzling strategy considering neither he nor his party has even remotely offered British Columbians a plan for the future.

As I travel this riding talking with groups and individuals what I continually hear from people is that they are really tired of the NDP candidate’s lack of measurable substance. They tell me that he speaks nothing of any accomplishment that may have resulted from his expensive and extensive provincial travel nor does he offer any reference to what or how he has done to help constituents within the riding.  People tell me every day that after eight years of underrepresentation and the lack of measurable accomplishment, it is time for change in Columbia River Revelstoke!

Rest assured that as we move towards the May 14 election, your government remains consistent in its belief in the importance of holding the line on government spending; is thoughtful in its processes of controlling regulation that affect the success of businesses; competent in protecting our provinces AAA credit rating and passionately committed to the belief in families. The BC Liberals believe in sustainable, responsible and environmentally sound economic growth, more jobs, more opportunities, lower taxes and a more competitive BC. Our strength of purpose comes from our commitment to the ideals that we deeply believe are not only right but are bold and above all work for all British Columbians! With a balanced budget as our foundation, this is a wonderful time to be a British Columbian and we have good reason to be optimistic and hopeful.

Doug Clovechok
BC Liberal Candidate
Columbia River Revelstoke