Theatre Company seeks new directors, actors and production wizards

The Revelstoke Theatre Company is now calling for proposals from its members who would like to direct plays in the coming year.

Proposals are due at 4 pm on Sunday, March 24, and should be emailed to Anita Hallewas at:

In a statement she said would-be directors’ proposal should include the following:

  • A list of skills and previous directorial experience if they have never before worked with the Revelstoke Theatre Company.
  • Names of the play they are proposing to direct.
  • Short synopsis of the play. This should include how many performers required, listing gender and suggested age. If this play is not readily available (personally written or unpublished) please get a copy/copies to the RTC Board as soon as possible so they can have an opportunity to read the play before they vote.
  • Preferred performance date (November/February/May)
  • Preferred performance space. RTC now has access to the intimate McGregor’s at Powder Springs (seating about 60 people) and the larger space at the RPAC (seating about 275 people). A preferred performance venue should be listed in your application. If your proposed play must occur at one venue (and can’t go ahead unless in that venue) please be specific about that aspect.

Depending on the interest from new and experienced directors, RTC may consider holding another season of Short Shorts with new actors and directors. This season’s Short Shorts was an evening of 6 ten-minute plays directed by six different directors with various performers.

Please be aware it is RTC policy that all new directors have, as a minimum, participated in a director’s workshop or similar. Ask us more about this if you think you need more training and experience.

Decisions will be made at our next RTC Board meeting on March 27.

It is equally important to see who is available and willing to work in a production team role. These roles are varied and may include stage managing, administrative roles, production, marketing, back-stage, hair and make-up and so on.

“We can train people in all aspects of production so please don’t be shy in offering your support,” Hallewas said in her statement. “If you are willing, we are happy to get you working! Offers of help within production are accepted on an ongoing basis.”

She said that deciding to produce a play in a small town like Revelstoke depends greatly on the company’s ability to cast it. “Whether you are an actor who works with us regularly or has never worked with us before, but would like to work with us this year, it is useful for us to have this information available when we select the season’s plays,” Hallewas said.

“Please contact me if you have any questions or would like clarification on the information listed here or would like to ask a question. I look forward to an exciting upcoming year with RTC and hope to see you either on the stage, back-stage or seated in our audience!”

You can contact Anita Hallewas and the Revelstoke Theatre Company by phone at

250-837-1475 and by e-mail at Their website is