The Ultimate Solution to the City’s Financial Woes


John Devitt
John Devitt

Everyone loves the summer time.  If this wasn’t true, instead of clustering in locations with clearly defined seasons, we would all live in Antarctica to maintain predictable weather regularity.  Summer brings patios, barbecues, gardens, fresh fruit, flip flops, bonfires, music festival and so many more great things.  Long ago I announced within my network of close associates that I would selflessly do my part to preserve an endless summer should I ever win the lottery.  Here and there I have discussed the idea, and the concept has slowly begun gaining grassroots traction throughout Revelstoke.  With the recent public discussions on sustainability, it seemed a perfect time to spread the idea even further and share its benefits.  Citizens of Revelstoke, lend me your ears [eyes] while I tell you my master plan to build a eco-friendly dome over our fair city.

If we insist on developing more plans which hold no hope of implementation, yet provide us with feel good pipe dreams to pat ourselves on the back for, why not seriously discuss building a dome over Revelstoke?  We can add it to the Integrated Unified Official Community Sustainability Master Strategy Plan Charette.

Quite simply the concept is thus; Provided I begin playing the lottery, and provided I win same, then I promise to dedicate my winnings to the construction of a massive dome to encompass the City of Revelstoke.  Primarily this means the inclusion of Columbia Park, Big Eddy, Arrow Heights, CPR Hill and all of Central Revelstoke.  Unfortunately, outlying areas, such as pretty much all of Airport Way and the surrounding area would be excluded from the dome.  This is done out of necessity to keep Revelstoke Mountain Resort outside of the dome so that snowfall at the resort is not lost.  Granted, given the layout of Revelstoke, the dome will not be ‘round’ exactly, but more globular in appearance.

Following, is a list of the pros and cons of building a dome over Revelstoke.

Pros of the Dome:

  1. Allows residents and visitors alike to enjoy summer in Revelstoke year round.
  2. Alternatively, it allows ‘locals’ to lock the door when they’ve had enough of visitors.
  3. Creates a new draw for visitors in the winter to ‘experience the town that enjoys Endless Summer’
  4. People can go skiing during the winter, return into the dome and enjoy badminton and cold beers while wearing shorts in their backyard.
  5. The City of Revelstoke will save considerable dollars each year on a newly extinct snow removal service.  This in turn, will lead to lowering of tax rates, which will jump start investment in business and sales in residential property.
  6. Creating a pleasing ‘greenhouse’ effect, the dome will allow us to grow our own fruits and vegetables in a sustainable, year round environment.  This upswing in locally grown produce will encourage food security for families, increase donations to the Revelstoke Food Bank, and reduce transport costs.  This in turn will lower the cost of goods at Cooper’s and Southside Market, once again encouraging tertiary economic growth.
  7. Fact: Warmer weather encourages people to get outside and socialize more.  The carefully controlled temperatures of the dome will encourage greater socialization year round.  This will foster improved relations between locals and seasonal residents, traditionally sequestered by snow banks.  In general, a greater sense of community will develop as more and more people frequent the fine weather in green spaces and city streets.
  8. Accessibility for seniors will be greatly improved.  Without the ice and snow, the dome does away with the necessity for grit boxes and plowing.  Seniors who may have felt trapped indoors all winter long will experience a newfound sense of liberation and integration with the wider community.
  9. The dome can become a monument to the proverbial ‘bubble’ that City leaders are often accused of living within and serve as a great metaphor for jokes about disconnected elected officials quoted in media saying they do not know what the people want.
  10. The dome will provide significant scientific research potential in creating a closed ecological system on a scale never achieved by any previous biosphere projects.
  11. The dome can be constructed with ample solar panels in order to create energy sustainability for Revelstoke, as well as generating additional electricity, which can be sold and used as an additional revenue stream for the City of Revelstoke.  Once again, lowering taxes and stimulating the local economy.
  12. As indicated, the dome construction would be instigated by private investment, thereby generating substantial revenues for the City of Revelstoke through taxes, building permits and development cost charges.
  13. The dome will require the hiring of local contractors and will generate additional jobs due the sheer magnitude of the project.
  14. Non-stop beach parties.

Cons of the Dome:

  1. Forgetting your keys to the dome.
  2. There are no more cons to the dome.

Clearly, the dome is the magic bullet the City of Revelstoke has been seeking to solve all of its financial woes.  Time to put this plan into the planning stage and strategize the best ways to plan it sustainably for integration into the official community plan.