Please help keep Ballet Kelowna on its toes!

For years, Ballet Kelowna has performed in Revelstoke and is, perhaps, a premier example of this community’s appreciation for higher culture.

But, alas, after 10 years, the troupe can no longer hold its collective head above water and the company will fold this month. However, there is a glimmer of light out there and, says the Revelstoke Arts Council’s Garry Pendergast, Revelstokians can help it burn brighter.

Ballet Kelowna has been nominated and selected as a finalist in Nature’s Bounty’s Share the Bounty National Giveaway and the company is now eligible to win a donation of up to $20,000!

Starting last week, and continuing through to March 29, local ballet aficionados can visit and vote for the Kelowna Ballet Society every, he said, adding that the more votes a charity has the more chances it has to win.

“They’ve always done something special for us,” Pendergast said in an interview last Friday. “Now we can give back by helping them out.”

There are three prizes available to be won by the charities with the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period, a Grand Prize of $20,000, a Second Prize of $10,000 and a Third Prize of $5,000. In addition, all remaining charities will be entered in a draw, one vote equals one ballot, in which 3 charities will be selected at random to receive a split share of $15,000. The more votes a charity gets the more chances it has of winning a donation!

Please vote today and every day until March 29 for the Kelowna Ballet Society and help keep Ballet Kelowna on its toes.