It’s On, It’s Off: a production so successful it shocked the Theatre Company

By David F. Rooney

Revelstoke Theatre Company members were walking on air this week after they realized just how well did with their production of It’s On, It’s Off.

How well did they do?

“We had 894 people attend our performances,” Chairwoman Anita Hallewas said in an interview this week. “I’m still in shock.”

Some of those, about 200, were people who received free tickets as a promotion, but that’s still 694 paying patrons.

All told the Company grossed about $8,500. Their net is forecast to come in at around $5,000.

No matter how you cut it, that’s an astounding performance for the RTC.

Hallewas said she couldn’t even imagine those numbers prior to opening night. In fact, she was praying for more than a 20-person showing — the usual opening-night crowd the Theatre Company has experienced for most of its history. Imagine her surprise, then, when 127 showed up.

“To us it seemed like the sun, the moon and the stars all lined up,” said Stage Manager Martin Ralph.

There’s little doubt that a lot of people were hoping for a qualitatively different theatre performance at the Performing Arts Centre.

“This was a big deal,” Hallewas said.

It was a big deal for the cast, too, said director Darren McKay.

“I think I lucked out with the cast,” he said.

He said they were not only dedicated but very cognizant that the venue made the two-act play seem very different to the audience.

Oh, there were glitches including one that required a quick fix on the catwalk above the stage but there were no insurmountable problems.

However, the Theatre Company has to come to some agreement with the City about set production and storage. The City is willing to let the acting troupe store set materials at the Century Vallens Building but they really want to use the space for set production as well.

Hallewas had tremendous praise for RPAC manager Miriam Manley.

“Miriam has been awesome,” she said. “She understands theatre. That’s a huge plus.”

The Theatre Company’s next production is Fuel, a play by Jerod Blake, which will be staged at McGregor’s at the Powder Springs Inn on April 25, 26 27 and May 2, 3, and 4.

It will also be performed in Nakusp during the Kootenay Zone Festival on the May long weekend.

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